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Fairy tale
The story of tete


The story of tete


The power of wood

Sitting beneath a large tree gives a sense of security, almost like being hugged. 
Trees are blessed with the power of nature by absorbing sunlight and capturing the wealth of the earth.
It made craftsmen to think about how to deliver the power of wood to children.
Then they decided to create toys using wood.

tete and the craftsman

Craftsmen were wondering - "What kind of toys are kids interested in playing with repeatedly?"
"What kind of toys are secure, safe, and unlikely to cause injuries?"
Every day the craftsmen wondered under the tree. Then one day, tete appeared out of the craftsmen' hands.
tete whispered into the craftsmen's ears while they were working.
May the craftsmen's doubts disappear and they gain courage. Then the craftsmen turned their hands to work again and immersed themselves in creating toys.
tete may have been born from the hands of craftsmen.


tete and children

tete loves children.
tete visits children while riding a toy made by craftsmen.
Through toys, tete makes friends with kids.
tete continues to watch over their growth with toys even when children grow up and no longer play with toys.

To the next generation

Eventually, the children grow into adults and become fathers and mothers.
When a baby is born, tete, who adores children, speaks to them - "I want to play with you."
The toy that has been watching over for a long time in the corner of the room starts moving again.
tete and toy will always be by everyone's side.


Company information



tete toys is an international brand of "HEIWA KOGYO CO.,LTD."
HEIWA KOGYO CO.,LTD. was established in Japan in 1926. Since our founding, we have been creating toys within Japan with the goal of delivering toys that will remain in the hearts of children forever.
Currently, we have launched tete toys in hopes to deliver children all around the world with the toys we have created. Our intention is to persist in making wooden toys that light up the faces of many kids.


Heiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in 1926 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan and manufactures tete toys. We will soon be celebrating our 100th anniversary. We have been creating many different types of toys since our establishment, but wooden toys are the ones we continue to craft and sell.

In 2000, we launched MOCCO, a Japanese domestic wooden toy brand, and since then we have continued to operate as a specialized manufacturer of wooden toys. As of 2023, we are selling over 100 types of wooden toys in Japan under the MOCCO brand.

In 2023, we launched an international brand tete toys with the aim to deliver the wooden toys that we have cherished to children around the world.

"Te" means hand in Japanese. The brand name reflects our intention for children around the world to pick up and play with handmade toys that are diligently made by Japanese craftsmen.
We will continue to make safe and secure toys for the smiles of children and everyone who hold tete toys.

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